What is the uniqueness of the Fortune1Coin (FT1) coin?

Fortune1Coin is not just another cryptocurrency. The first and most important thing that you should know about the Fortune1Coin coin is that this coin itself increases the demand for itself and reduces its supply in the market. These are the most fundamental factors affecting the price of any coin, including Fortune1Coin. And the ability of FT1 to operate with its supply and demand makes it absolutely unique in the cryptocurrency asset market!

Another feature of Fortune1Coin is that it is a coin for the masses, and not just for professional miners and investors. This feature will be crucial after mining is deployed on smartphones (and tablets). This will ensure great popularity of the coin, especially in Asia, the Middle East and South America. Those in countries with low per capita income, but a large number of smartphones "on hand". The huge popularity of the coin among miners and the availability for low performance devices ensures a stable rise in the price of the coin and widespread use, including as a means of payment.

Fortune1Coin by itself does not bring new technological solutions to the market, but uses only those technologies that have been tested by time and the market. The most important innovation of the coin is its market model - FT1 increases its price in a natural way, without fraud, pumping, manipulation and other outside interference. The formation of supply and demand is made in a completely natural, legal way!

How it works?

The demand for the coin is growing due to the fact that it is very profitable for each holder of Fortune1Coin coins to promote the coin among their relatives, friends, subscribers, followers, etc. Since the three-level affiliate program is built directly into the blockchain. Miners attract other miners and thus build their three-level affiliate network. Which brings them up to 9% of the mining income of this network. For the same reason, the coin is extremely interesting to various people who shape public opinion (bloggers, models, journalists, stars, etc.).

As we said earlier, Fortune1Coin is able to limit its offer in the market. The fact is that FT1 mining is possible in only one unique own pool. There is no competition between any pools, and therefore all the rewards for finded hash each block are ALWAYS distributed among ALL miners. And there can be a lot of such miners - up to 1 million people. Because the miner can mine even on very old hardware. Thus, when the reward for a block is divided into 100,000 or 1,000,000 miners, then they simply have nothing to offer the market immediately after receiving a reward for one block. After all, it is difficult and unreasonable to sell several hundred cents. For trading you will have to accumulate at least a few coins. Thus, the sale of coins of one individual miner is greatly delayed, the offer on the market is reduced, and the price of FT1 is growing. The rise in the price of the coin attracts even more miners and investors. This further increases the value of the coin ... and so on in a circle, as far as the market capacity allows.

Thus, each investor starting mining works to increase their own FT1 assets, as reduces the supply of coins in the market. And every miner who decides to become an investor or puts off the sale of coins for a while also contributes to the increase in the value of his coins.

You can read more information about Fortune1Coin by clicking on this link.

Download wallet (contains built-in miner) Fortune1Coin.