Roadmap for FT1

Done (last task on top):
  • The new mining protocol has been implemented for more stability and performance.
  • Changed hosting for the pool.
  • Added few new nodes and changed hosting for existing nodes. Unfortunately, nodes IPs was changed and wallet must be updated.
  • Roadmap
  • Alfa of block explorer
TODO 2019-2020:
  • Block explorer improvements. More detailed transaction information. Search by blocks and transactions.
  • Add one more thread to the miner (2-thread miner).
  • Add localization to the wallet.
  • Use nginx for load balancing.
  • Light wallet release. Such a wallet would not download the full blockchain. And will save a lot GBs on user's HDD. It's a first step to the mobile wallets.
  • Mortgage mining
  • New version of the site (rich and beautiful design).
  • Mobile mining.
  • Hardware wallet support.
  • Completely new pool code written from scratch.
  • Preparation for hard fork for the second stage of the project, which will make FT1 a full-fledged payment instrument.
PS. Some tasks can be performed in parallel. The composition and sequence of tasks may vary, depending on the current priorities of the project.