What else is important to know about Fortune1Coin ?

How does the affiliate program work?

Using the affiliate program built into the coin, you receive the following rewards:
  • you get 5% of the mining sum of partners attracted directly by you (i.e. partners if the 1st level);
  • you get 3% of the mining sum of partners attracted by your partners (i.e. partners of the 2nd level);
  • and, finally, partners of the 3rd level will bring you 1% of their mining sum.

Thus, your partner tree can have three levels, and you can get up to 9% of the mining sum of your partner network! You may not even mine yourself! Just promote Fortune1Coin among your friends and visitors of your social media accounts and other Internet resources available to you.

How does our cooperative mining pool work?

  • Everybody can mine Fortune1Coin in the cooperative pool, be it professional miners with mega farms or owners of low-power computers or laptops. We plan to release a client for smartphones for it to earn you money while you sleep!
  • Co-mining protects Fortune1Coin from 51% attack, as it focuses the immense computing power in the hands of the development team.
  • Co-mining of Fortune1Coin allows you to fully operate our affiliate program that is integrated in the blockchain, for this method of mining doesn’t hide your payment address you use for mining behind the address of a conventional pool.
  • The reward for Fortune1Coin mining is transferred immediately after a block is added to the blockchain. You don’t have to wait until the pool calculates and transfers reward to you. Your reward is calculated and sent to your wallet by Fortune1Coin, as soon as a block is added to the blockchain.
  • The data of the referral program is stored directly in the blockchain of Fortune1Coin. After a block is added to the blockchain, it’s not possible to forge or change this data. The same thing goes for transactions. Thus, your efforts to attract new miners to Fortune1Coin will always be rewarded. Everyone who started mining using your link is tied to you forever (and so are two more levels of affiliates under this person)!
  • Miners always pay 9% (5+3+1) fee from the income they get. Even if a miner turns to be a sly one and comes to our site as an anonyme (as if he were taken here from a search engine or just entered the site address directly in the browser), he will still be charged 9% fee. In that case, the coins will be transferred to the special wallets of developers. So there’s no point in being too greedy and ungrateful. You should always be thankful to someone who has brought you to the wonderful world of Fortune1Coin - it will pay off in spades!

Some more interesting

In addition to these unique features, Fortune1Coin has a number of other properties:

  • In Fortune1Coin, a fixed transaction fee of 0.01% of the payment amount is applied, but it cannot be less than 1,000 cents.
  • In Fortune1Coin, all payments are anonymous; however, that is not the case with the mining rewards, for all partnership links are stored in the blockchain in the form of the payment addresses of miners and can be audited by the community. Fortune1Coin is a fork of Bytecoin that is based on CryptoNight. 
  • One coin of Fortune1Coin consists of 1,000,000 cents, i.e. Fortune1Coin has 6 zeros in the fractional part. 
  • EMISSION_SPEED_FACTOR is 29; that means that the emission, or reward for mining, consists of approximately 35,000 coins per block, with an extremely low level of decline over the years.
  • Payment addresses of Fortune1Coin begin with the prefix “das1”, for example: das1JcY63vgLncmFHRdXQDiC1WU3PfQcp5iYpgXppFXvcv4iQaDbUB3jGxjT78teVegAxgF3SE19Ge2dcf6fpswP6eZHYj3PKR
  • Mining of one block occurs approximately every 180 seconds.
  • The difficulty of each block is calculated automatically based on the time it took to mine the previous block.

This is the basic information we wanted to tell you. With the development of our project and that of this site, we will post new data on the features of Fortune1Coin and add new sections to the site. In particular, our plans include the following measures:

  • Creating a more productive miner for CPUs (and also for graphic cards in the far future).
  • A little but important change to the miner API to reduce the traffic between miners and the cooperative pool.
  • Creating a new graphical user interface (currently a slightly modified GUI from Bytecoin is used).
  • We’re monitoring the pool load and expand the pool gradually (at the very beginning, only 1,000 people could mine here). Our goal is to reach 1,000,000 miners in the cooperative pool by the time we release a client for smartphones.
  • Releasing of Fortune1Coin miner and client for tablets and smartphones.
  • And some more interesting, tasty and useful things! And most importantly, you should know that in a few years there will be the second phase of Fortune1Coin development and it’s going to turn the world upside down! Long live the modesty!

So, it’s just the beginning.

Sincerely yours,
Fortune1Coin Team.